Bioinfogate announced today the signing of a licensing agreement with RISE to access Bioinfogate’s translational safety intelligence portal, OFF-X.

RISE selected OFF-X to support the work of researchers in drug R&D to perform target safety assessment for early projects. The agreement involves the use of OFF-X safety intelligence portal to more quickly and precisely identify potential adverse events resulting from treatment with new and existing drugs.

By delivering critical integrated preclinical toxicity and clinical adverse event intelligence coupled to advanced analytics, Bioinfogate OFF-X™ allows safety liabilities to be monitored and anticipated across all phases of drug R&D. Updated daily with expertly curated safety alerts, as of June 2019, the portal covers a range of 7,700 targets and more than 10,000 drugs & biologics, and is populated with more than 340,000 alerts associated to 5,000 adverse effects. OFF-X covers targets and drugs in all stages of drug R&D development from emerging and first-in-class targets to drugs that have reached the marketplace. OFF-X aims to promptly identify toxicology & safety signals and de-risk R&D programs.

“We are very pleased that RISE is joining the growing number of leading research institutions using OFF-X as an essential tool for their drug safety and toxicology related activities” commented Josep Prous, Jr., Executive Director, Bioinfogate.


About Bioinfogate

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