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Bioinfogate is proud to announce the launch of the new OFF-X Translatability Dashboard. The Dashboard supports understanding of how toxicity events derived from experimental assays and animal models translate to the clinic, allowing researchers to prioritize experimental testing and anticipate potential safety issues when designing clinical trials and identify emerging class liabilities.

The translatability dashboard concept has been developed based on the unique and vast array of information in OFF-X, which spans over 14,000 targets of therapeutic interest and almost 800,000 individual alerts manually curated by the Bioinfogate editorial team in the last 5 years. The availability of data from knockout studies, human genetics and pharmacological intervention demonstrate how varying action at the molecular level (e.g. activation, inhibition, inactivation) of the pathway can lead to a benefit for –or in some cases detriment to –patients.

Bioinfogate OFF-X delivers actionable toxicity and safety intelligence to researchers and decision makers in pharmaceutical and healthcare organizations. By delivering critical integrated preclinical toxicity and clinical adverse event intelligence coupled to advanced analytics, Bioinfogate OFF-X allows safety liabilities to be monitored and anticipated across all phases of drug R&D and post-marketing. OFF-X provides integrated information for drugs and targets in all phases of drug R&D, including first-in-class and emerging targets.

The OFF-X Translatability Dashboard can be used in  a variety of drug R&D scenarios, including target safety assessments, mechanistic understanding of potential toxicity issues, identifying ways and models that could be used to monitor or assess adverse events, building new panels for off-target assessment, understanding differences in effect between healthy volunteers and diseased patients to support clinical efficacy/safety findings, and analyzing reverse translation from clinical/post-marketing adverse events.

Dr Josep Prous, Jr, Executive Director at Bioinfogate commented: “We are very pleased to add this new functionality in OFF-X and to position the tool as a unique translational safety intelligence portal, from early target discovery to pharmacovigilance needs. This responds to the needs of our customers in pharmaceutical research organizations, regulatory bodies and clinical research organizations who rely on OFF-X as a unique resource in the finding of safer drugs in any therapeutic area of interest.”


About Bioinfogate

Bioinfogate is a forward thinking, private company working to solve unmet medical needs. Our innovative data science products support the discovery and development of better and safer drugs. We are committed to building industry-leading solutions and identifying / investing in emerging projects that align with our core business in the life sciences and data analytics.

Our passion and capabilities stem from more than 60 years of experience creating and managing biomedical knowledge, first at Prous Science (1958-2007), acquired by Thomson Reuters in 2007 (now Clarivate Analytics), and then at Prous Institute for Biomedical Research. Bioinfogate is the latest initiative within the Prous family group of companies embracing a long tradition and expertise in scientific knowledge management.