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Launched in 2017, OFF-X has now reached 500,000 curated safety alerts corresponding to almost 15,000 targets of pharmacological interest and almost 14,500 drugs and biologics.

Unexpected safety issues still constitute one of the major challenges in drug R&D and clinical practice. It is therefore essential to rapidly identify these issues and react accordingly to minimize risks in pharmaceutical programs.

To help in this endeavor, Bioinfogate has developed OFF-X, the translational safety intelligence portal, which provides integrated preclinical toxicity and clinical adverse event intelligence for drugs and targets in all phases of R&D, including first-in-class and emerging targets.

The database is updated daily with information deriving from biomedical literature, congresses and scientific conferences, company communications, major clinical trial registries, pharmacovigilance data and regulatory agencies, and includes data from the last 50 years.

On reaching this milestone Dr Josep Prous, Jr, Executive Director at Bioinfogate commented:

“We are very pleased that OFF-X has become an essential tool for all those involved in finding better and safer drugs. Our editorial team – comprised of specialists in multiple biomedical research disciplines – has made an outstanding contribution in producing such a large amount of curated information. We look forward to further developing the platform to help optimize pharmaceutical R&D and minimize patient risks in clinical trials and beyond”.

By enabling translational research, OFF-X allows safety liabilities to be monitored and anticipated across all phases of drug R&D and postmarketing. OFF-X is used across a wide range of departments in pharmaceutical research organizations, public health institutions and regulatory agencies.

Along with the large amount of information available in OFF-X, a series of advanced analytics allow users to fully exploit the OFF-X dataset.


About Bioinfogate

Bioinfogate is a forward thinking, private company working to solve unmet medical needs. Our innovative data science products support the discovery and development of better and safer drugs. We are committed to building industry-leading solutions and identifying / investing in emerging projects that align with our core business in the life sciences and data analytics.

Our passion and capabilities stem from more than 60 years of experience creating and managing biomedical knowledge, first at Prous Science (1958-2007), acquired by Thomson Reuters in 2007 (now Clarivate Analytics), and then at Prous Institute for Biomedical Research. Bioinfogate is the latest initiative within the Prous family group of companies embracing a long tradition and expertise in scientific knowledge management.