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Unexpected toxicity and safety issues constitute one of the most disruptive events in drug R&D, with one third of drug attrition still directly related to these events. In this context, a translational approach to drug safety and prompt access to actionable safety intelligence can significantly reduce patient burden and avoid costly failures.

Since 2017, the Bioinfogate OFF-XTM portal has been supporting translational researchers in pharmaceutical and healthcare organizations to de-risk drug R&D programs.

By delivering critical integrated preclinical toxicity and clinical adverse event intelligence coupled to advanced analytics, Bioinfogate OFF-XTM allows safety liabilities to be monitored and anticipated across all phases of drug R&D and post-marketing

Rapid access to actionable safety intelligence via OFF-X provides a critical competitive advantage for your R&D:

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About Bioinfogate

Bioinfogate, part of Clarivate, is a forward-thinking team working to solve unmet medical needs. Bioinfogate helps companies, academic institution, and government and regulatory agencies working in scientific and research and drug R&D. Our innovative knowledge management tools and analytics software solutions support the discovery and development of better and safer drugs.

Our passion and capabilities stem from more than 60 years’ experience creating and managing biomedical knowledge, first as ProusScience (acquired by Thomson Reuters in 2007), and then as the Prous Institute for Biomedical Research. Bioinfogate was acquired by Clarivate in 2021 to advance the next generation of life sciences analytics solutions, and embracing a long tradition of expertise in scientific knowledge management.